Georgina Dalton

Georgina Dalton

REALTOR, Founder of RELATES Group

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  • Office Location: 7669 E Pinnacle Peak Rd Suite 110; Scottsdale, AZ 85255

About Georgina Dalton

It is my pleasure to show you how Sotheby’s International Realty and I provide important advantages to the marketing of your home that I believe you deserve.

I have sold more than 65 million in residential real estate over 12 years. Thank you for allowing me to demonstrate why I’m the right choice to represent your unique lifestyle and home.

Role & Responsibilities

Not settling for less than we deserve is what gives us self-assurance in our lives. In reality the benefit to aligning with this type of person can be hit or miss. An advanced professional that constantly studies progressive advantages along with potential obstacles is simply comforting for such a huge decision. Hiring someone who has an aptitude for recognizing someone else’s unique big picture is a fundamental factor. The individual tasked with uniting your vision, pride of homeownership and the financial investment aspect in today’s world requires both talent and a plan. For the honor and privilege of playing such a role in your dreams, I believe that you deserve dependable information and a balanced professional approach in acquiring the home of your dreams. Strength of character in such a partner requires deep rooted respect for the fiduciary responsibility when putting someone else’s personal successes above their own. After all, this is why vetting a Realtor partner far in advance benefit you, right?

How I work

If you’re anything like me, you simply want the perfect combination of someone you enjoy personally and can respect professionally but mostly, an esteemed organization and individual that you can trust to stand behind their promises. When we make an uninformed choice, much to our “hindsight and embarrassment” comes from an innate human characteristic that most of us live with. It’s an unrealistic positive outlook because we resist negative examination. Do you really want to impede the importance of protecting you wealth and peace of mind? The truth is, that real estate isn’t incredibly complicated, it’s the acrobatics of human emotion entangled with contractual misinterpretations that cause impulsive behavior and the upsetting inconvenience of loss.

As an example, when I work with or hire someone outside my basic understanding of certainty, initially I judge if they can simply make sense of my ill-conceived questioning. If someone is listening and asking for details they have a better shot of anticipating what’s important to me. I’m not impressed with people that play the role of telling and selling. Indeed self-assurance can go a long way in building trust and is definitely needed in negotiating my wishes with the multitude of unforeseen hurdles involved. I’ve learned that authentic representation comes from the mutual participation of people exploring important opportunities in order to forecast better than ordinary results.

Professional Experience

To explain my background in how I came to real estate, my experience all grew from a desire to reduce or manage limiting perceptions while supporting empowerment for myself and others. Early on, leadership was a role I was comfortable stepping into or out of through team or individual athletics. At Southern University of Colorado, the study of business and psychology provided insight around my ability to recognize and adapt to disruptive circumstances. My aspiration for creativity in otherwise stressful situations provides the clarity that helps me serve others better than most. After school I started my own insurance office in Colorado later transferring to Scottsdale in 1994. Having seven years focusing on risk management and learning the constructs of language in legal contracts built a solid foundation for my working career. This complimented what I learned about adapting to circumstance, inspiring even more interest in the nature of design and development.

Inside me had always been a budding entrepreneur which led to my choices with insurance sales. Following my compulsion for helping and empowering myself and others, put me on a path to studying the gentle healing nature of plants. Pressing further I become a Certified Herbalist, designing a brand and developing my own line of luxury spa quality skincare products called Jorgina Care for professional service providers and retailers such as Hyatt Gainey Ranch Spa and The Enchantment Resort and Spa in Sedona. It never quite paid for my desired standard of living and I was young and full of energy so I would moonlight at night at many of Scottsdale’s renowned luxury resorts. This offered the schedule flexibility I wanted at the time. Almost spontaneously, I managed to work myself into management positions as the resort style industry was expanding into the “customer experience” expectations of mega resorts today.

Customer experience dominated those last 11 years differently than the previous seven years allowing for an inspired consumer centric focus. I was no longer simply explaining how it was going to happen for them but asking how I could make the experience even better for them. When I decided to get my real estate license it was initially initiated when I explored the notion of selling time shares at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa, where I was already working. That never materialized as I became cognizant of the high pressure tactics that they expect while still working on obtaining my license. However, quite proudly, I planned for my next move back to entrepreneurship and had saved some startup money. Having successfully bought and sold 3 homes along the way and fell in love with being a homeowner I launched my real estate career at the top of the market in 2005. Even though I had financial success in real estate I had no clue how to really hire a Realtor until after I was one for at least 4 years. The failure rate for new agent in the first two years is staggering. Pure stubborn tenacity has kept me captivated even in the toughest of markets. I have started over in the Arizona housing markets now three different times, once as the premier relocation agent for a local fortune 500 company after the housing crisis, again when we relocated to the mountain town of Flagstaff on a four year assignment for my husband career and finally now serving luxury buyers and sellers of Scottsdale and surrounding areas.


All of those experiences provided me the lessons that established my offerings today. My successes came from multiple fresh starts where I had to work harder, learn quickly, adapt faster and bravely apply myself. In my relocation work I had only been an agent for a short time and earning the top position for moving executive employees in and out of Arizona anywhere from North Scottsdale to the South East valley of the Phoenix Metro area. When I moved to Flagstaff, I treated it as though I would stay forever. In my second full year I was selling more homes than others and by the time I left was in the top five of buyer sales transactions closed and had served as Treasurer for the board of the Northern Arizona Association of Realtors after being nominated by my peers. Late 2015 we reestablished our lives back in the Scottsdale area and I’m enjoying serving clients from all over the world that share in our affections for this destination that attracts people who want to call it home or 2nd home